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Side trip

Plakaki Path

A varied route! Through a small valley with countless old olive trees and old wells, the route continues over an asphalted coastal path to the gently sloping cliffs. If you want, you can walk down part of the steep hiking trail. Railings help you to stay on track. If you want to go all the way down to the sea and the Fells plateau, you can watch the locals at the end as they jump from the cliffs into the clear sea from the headland.

Best time:



for free

Our tip:

Wear sturdy shoes and take plenty of water with you for the descent. There are no amenities. There is also no kiosk. If you want to go down into the water, you definitely need water shoes. After jumping off the cliff, you have to climb back up the rocks! We do not recommend jumping, please stay safe!

Combine this excursion with the Damianós Caves.

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