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Side trip

Navagio Shipwreck

This is probably the biggest trend photo spot in all of Greece!

There are two ways to reach the ship:

Either take the shuttle boat directly to the smugglers' beach or drive to the viewing platform on the cliffs.

Best time:

The sun shines into the bay from late afternoon onwards.


The viewing platform is public and therefore free


In addition to the many day trips to the shipwreck with various stops, you can also simply take a ship shuttle from Paralia Porto Vromi ( not Porto Vromi Beach). You can ask for prices from this provider, for example: shipwreck-zakynthos

Our tip:

For the trip to the platform, we definitely recommend taking enough water and a hat with you. It is a hotspot and in the high season there are long queues for this "big picture". From 5 p.m. the big tour buses are on their way back and it is no longer full. This is also where you have the best light. If you are lucky, the small hiking trail directly on the cliffs is open. But be careful: it is not safe!


During the high season, a boat travels to the shipwreck and directly to the pirate beach at regular intervals. A tour takes about 3 hours. The return journey is variable.

Don't be disappointed: Due to currents, landing directly on the beach is not always possible. This is not always evident from the weather. However, the boats still make their tour without a direct visit to the beach.

At the port there are parking spaces, toilets and a kiosk with covered seating. The drive there is winding.

You can also swim and dive on the small pebble beach. The water is very clear and refreshing.

On the way back you can stop for photos at the Temple of Saint Spyridon or in the evening you can stop at the Sunset Taverna.

Navaggio Beach from above
Navaggio shipwreck
Photo spot on the Navagio shipwreck
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