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As one of the sunniest islands in the Mediterranean, the little-known island offers the ideal mix of relaxation, bathing fun and varied excursion options. With a width of around 20 km and a length of around 40 km, all destinations can be reached quickly:

  • t beautiful cliffs in the west and north with breathtaking sunsets

  • a fertile green valley with olive groves and diverse nature as far as the eye can see

  • fine and long sandy beaches in the south

  • small crystal clear bathing bays on the coasts in the east

  • Boat trips to numerous caves and remote bathing bays    

  • Snorkeling with the caretta-caretta turtles

  • diverse Greek taverns and bars

  • small historic capital that invites you to stroll

  • Hikes through olive and pine groves to many ruins and viewpoints

On the island, every moment is a photo moment.

We have put together some excursion ideas here:

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