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Side trip

boat trip

With a small boat you can explore the sea even without a boating license.

An opportunity to explore the bay of Laganas and the surrounding caves on your own. The island of Marathonisi in the bay of Laganas can be reached this way and a swimming stop can be planned. Numerous caves invite you to anchor and go snorkeling.

Best time:

As early as possible


Boats are available at an hourly rate.

3 hours in high season for about 90 euros (as of 2020)

Be sure to reserve 1-2 days in advance.

Our tip:

You can negotiate and get 10 euros. There are different zones to protect the turtles. Not all of them are navigable. If you drive very slowly and let your eyes wander, you can see the turtles coming up for air from the boat. We think the starting point in Keri Harbor is better than Agios Sostis Harbor. The map shows the location.

You have to be lucky to be able to snorkel with a turtle like this (even if you are promised it). The boat ride is the main focus here.

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