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getting there

You can reach the island from all European airports in the summer. otherwise with a stopover via Athens.

If you have a car, you have to take a ferry from Italy, for example from Venice or Ancona, taking a detour via the Greek port of Igoumenitsa. A ferry leaves Greece from Port Killini.

From Germany:

Direct flights from Germany are available for 2024 from Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg, Berlin and Düsseldorf. Direct flights are offered by Condor, Eurowings, Discover and easyJET. If you want to risk a stopover, you can fly via Zurich with Edelweiss.

Best time:

May until October


It only takes about 20 minutes from the airport to the accommodation. Exact directions will of course be provided. The journey from the airport to the accommodation takes about 30 minutes.


A car is essential to get from A to B on the island. The smaller the better. Most car rental companies have their offices right at the airport and the process is easy and takes just a few minutes. Before you head to the villa, you should stop at Lidl, which is 5 minutes away, and stock up on essentials. The supermarkets on the island are also open on Sundays. There is also a family-run supermarket near the villa.

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